Monday, July 20, 2009

INVITATION: National Conference on the Direction of the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry in Malaysia, 4 & 5th August 2009

Synopsis of the Conference:

The development and continuing evolution of the logistics role are obvious in the last two decades. Rather than being viewed as a supportive industry to other functional areas previously, now, it has been regarded as a strategic industry on its own.

In the Asia Pacific region, the region, the potential for growth is very promising and thus, resulted in increase demand for more efficient and effective logistics services. With the Liberalization ( under ASEAN Free Agreement of Services) of the logistics services around the corner, the need to understand the issues of the industry and strategies deemed important.

In view of pursuing the needs of the industry , Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS), Universiti Teknologi MARA; a center of excellence focusing on research, training and consultancy in the field of logistics and transportation ; has taken up the challenge to organise a two-day prestigious conference on the “Direction of the Logistics Industry and Supply Chain in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges

Thus, the objectives of the Conference are as follows:

1. To serve as a platform for the industries, relevant authorities and higher institutions of learning to discuss issues and challenges faced by the industry so that a workable plan as well as strategies towards the global competitiveness of the industry could be proposed.

2. To obtain and disseminate information to all the stakeholders of the industry so as to encourage knowledge sharing

3. To develop a professional network among the practitioners and the academics so that information and issues could be passed and discussed quickly through the network.

Tentative Programme

Keynote Paper I by

Prof. Dr Alan McKinnon,
Head of the Logistics Research Centre,
Heriott-Watt University,
Edinburgh, Scotland

“Global Logistics and Supply Chain Trends: Implications for Developing Countries”

Invited speaker:

Assist. Prof Dr Ruth Banamyong,
Dept. of International Business, Logistics and Transport Management,
Faculty of Commerce & Accountancy,
Thammasat University,

“Liberalisation of Logistics Sector in ASEAN”

Invited speaker:

Y.D.M. Tengku Dato’ Dr Jamaluddin Tengku Mahmud Shah Alhaj.
Adj. Prof.,
Malaysia Institute of Transport (MITRANS)

“Liberalisation of Container Haulage Industry in Malaysia”

Institutional Scenario: Current Issue and Challenges Ahead

1. Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
2. Malaysian Industrial Developement Authority (MIDA)
3. Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd
4. Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA)

Customer / User Perspectives: Are Customers Happy?

1. Federations of Malaysian Manufacturers (FFM)
2. Malaysian National Shippers’ Council
3. PERNAMA & Dept of Retailing, UiTM Shah Alam

Providers’ Prespectives: Threats or Opportunities?

1. Federations of Malaysia Freight Forwarders
2. Association of Malaysian of Hauliers
3. Freight Strategic Business Unit,KTM Berhad
4. Malaysia Airline Cargo (MASKargo)

Capacity Building (HRD) : A Mismatch?

1. MITRANS, UiTM Shah Alam
2. University College Sedaya International (UCSI)
3. Universiti Utara Malaysia
4. Chartered Ins. of Logistics and Transport International

For enquiries: Please visit: MITRANS's website
Call (03) - 55442343 (Azmin) or (03) - 55442640 (Nora)

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